About Us

Our Company

Modern Vintage Attic was founded for the pure love of organics – organic anything! I grew up with a list of childhood allergies that made everyday living a lot harder for me than other children. The asthma I developed progressively became worse and sometimes people take the smallest everyday activity for granted. I have two young children, one of which had an allergy to cotton as an infant. Finding an alternative to conventional cotton increased my awareness for alternative and organic apparel. Not only is sourcing stylish alternative clothing a passion of mine but so is gardening. We live on an acreage and my husband and I plant all our own vegetables because the taste of organic vegetables just does not compare to regular produce in the grocery store. I think with a few simple choices, you too can lead a much healthier lifestyle. Just think if you made one small change, would you feel better – maybe eliminate some symptoms of chemical stress on your body that make your daily routine intolerable. I know I have for myself, and my family.
I have one green dream to one day fulfill a green eco lifestyle. It is important to implement what you can into your daily routine and discuss green and eco related issues, but to actually live it out in every aspect of all your daily activities is my ultimate life long goal.

Our Values

Welcome to Modern Vintage Attic, a small company taking one small step to redefine our priorities on a global scale and I invite you to participate with me. The choices that you and I make on a daily basis all have an impact on others, our earth, and ourselves.
We at Modern Vintage Attic pride ourselves by working with some suppliers that are approved by an FLO, while others work to implement Fair Trade principles but are not members of an FLO organization. We are also pleased to present fair labour companies owned by individual artisans or produced by employees in the US and Canada. Our value is both environmental and social as we work to improve the lives of local women by creating long-term sustainable employment by providing not only fair and regular wages, but also the skills and dignity that a proper job brings.
Fair Trade is not only an approach to trade that ensures that workers receive a fair price for what they produce, but it also involves a concern for workers' rights and the conditions in which they are employed. These organizations are run with the implementation of cultural diversity allowing all individuals to work together and have a voice in the products they produce. It is this diversity that brings their community together and continues to spread over the nations bringing global cultural diversity to improve economics worldwide. Please refer to our Eco Values value section for more information on Fair Trade.

Our Mission

Modern Vintage Attic researches suppliers and purchases products from eco-designers with that in mind. I strive to source high quality organic, sustainable, natural fiber clothing styles that are designed to compliment your body, and meet your need to look and feel comfortable in what you wear. Who says all organic clothing has to be boring? Prove your friends wrong; some of the most unique one of kind clothing is organic or eco-friendly, you just have to find it. You will be the leader of the most fashion forward trends today that are not sold at every street corner big box store! Make a conscious alternative choice in clothing and accessories, see and feel the difference. Wear the future! Our hope is to bring awareness to people and let them make an informative decision. If we touch a few peoples lives in the process, we have helped make a difference for a healthier lifestyle and planet. It is important we protect our earth for ourselves and future generations.

NWF Logo
Modern Vintage Attic belongs to the NWF Good Neighbor Program, where you too can pledge to make a difference to reduce the carbon footprint – starting with your own home.

A portion of sales is donated to conservation organizations such as the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) dedicated to a lasting legacy of healthy wildlife and habitat and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) whose mission is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

We are aware of the conservation of the Earth which is why we only print on recycled paper, re-use packaging supplies or purchase recycled packing materials when necessary and order all marketing materials on recycled paper with soy and vegetable based inks.

Taking steps towards positive change.