Basic Black Roman

Get your Roman on and get groovy, goth, and back in black with this unique wrist cuff made from part of a recycled vinyl record. Or as the blog Great Green Goods said, “Put your punk on your wrist! Pop a recycled record cuff on your wrist and skip to the beat!”

It’s basic black, so it goes with everything, and it’s so cool to see the grooves in the record and know there’s music in there! This is a great gift for a music lover or record collector, or maybe even a vampire.

The records are cut to size and shaped around the wrist of a mannequin which means that it is actually shaped to fit a real human wrist. The cuff is designed for the right arm, but can be worn on the left as well.

All edges have been carefully sanded and smoothed for your comfort. It is very lightweight and comfortable.

Easy to put on and take off, it does have some flexibility and can be slightly stretched “open” as needed. Just snap it on and go!

The cuffs come with a little instruction card showing how to resize them if needed. Please note that it is easier to make the cuff smaller than to make it bigger.

Please note that the actual grooves of the cuff may look different from the item pictured depending on the record used. Each piece is handmade and unique, so no two will ever be exactly the same. Some of them may have some scratches on the surface – this is part of the beautiful nature of upcycled work.