Platinum Roman Record Cuff

Roman Record Cuffs are made from upcycled vinyl records.

The Platinum cuff is hand painted with acrylics using a mixture of Payne’s Gray and iridescent silver.

It would make a thoughtful, earth-friendly gift, especially for a music lover!

The records are cut to size and shape them around the wrist of a mannequin which means that it is actually the shape of a real human wrist. The circumference of the mannequin’s wrist is about 6.25" all the way around. The cuff is designed for the right arm, but can be worn on the left as well.

All edges have been carefully sanded and smoothed for your comfort. It is very lightweight and comfortable.

Easy to put on and take off, it does have some flexibility and can be slightly stretched “open” as needed.

This cuff comes with a little instruction card for how to resize it if needed. Please note that it is easier to make the cuff smaller than to make it bigger!

The painting is sealed with a clear coat but please note that it may become scratched over time with normal wear and tear.